before i go any further..
i'm richard
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Too Afraid to Love You

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Sext: I got you tickets to Beach Goth


Photography by Ellen Von Unwerth

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So the other day Tyler the Creator made this status

And I’ve been thinking about it non stop and I think these are mine

Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin
Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd
Californication- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Hex.Lover.Killer.- The Delta Riggs
L.A Woman- The Doors

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heres what i just realized i learned on the first day of school

i believe there are too many people who have a foundation in their life that they need to get away from but instead think they can build upon that shitty foundation and make things work, but really they need to completely detach and reinvent themselves. 

cant sleep..

cant sleep?

watch the office and think about god


literally woke me up

and my mom and my dog was trying to get up stairs to see whats up

real situation

real cats

my cat just killed something im pretty sure but im gonna go with she was protecting my home from another cat trying to break in.

❝ The realest people don’t have a lot of friends.


Tupac (via madame-gucci)

and a lot of people dont have the realest of friends

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Grande Ballroom Detroit, 1968

Grande Ballroom Detroit, 1968

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